Project Description

The story of Zsoltika

Zsoltika was born in 2009, currently living/he lives with his 5 siblings and their parents in Madéfalva. Zsoltika’s journey started with gastritis. After numerous examinations, doctors found out that Zsoltika had more than just gastritis. He has epilepsy and a weakened immune system. They constantly travel between Marosvásárhely and Sepsiszentgyörgy for examinations, which is a huge cost for the family. Our goal was to provide payment/cover their expenses for half a year’s worth of travels and dietary supplements, therefore we started a fundraiser on September 28, 2020.

The fundraising event reached its goal in record time, and even overshooting the target amount, reaching a total amount of 1569 RON. 1049 RON was provided via bank transfers, and 520 RON reached us via online transfers.

Right now, Zsoltika attends regular examinations, and he is treated with the already diagnosed problems. His parents and great-grandmother are doing their best to help Zsoltika get to the examinations, but thanks to your donations, this made it a whole lot easier for them!