Project Description

Vivien’s story

Vivien was born in 2013 with kidney disease and nephrosis syndrome, requiring examinations and treatment on a regular basis. In addition to the strict diet, she also has to take dietary supplements, in order to make her immune-system stronger. Vivien is being raised in a single-parent household, living with her mother, and her little brother. Their grandmother is helping them out with whatever she can. Even though her treatment is mostly free, they still have to pay for the travels, pills, and for the dietary supplements, which can be very demanding on their wallet. On the 16th of September 2020, our foundation started a fundraising for her, to help in providing payment for the aforementioned travel, pills, and supplements.

Thanks to the generous donators, we’ve amassed a total amount of 1032 RON, 132 RON of which has been donated through bank transfers, and 900 RON through online means.

As of today, Vivien still attends the regular examinations, and her family are doing all they can to provide a healthy, safe environment for her.