Project Description

The “Festive dinner for people in need” operation was initiated by the Transylvanian Fanatics fan club, with the help of on the 16th of November 2020. With their efforts combined, they managed to help children of 44 families in, and around Csíkszereda, assuring/making sure that, alongside the presents, the dinner table will be full, and tasty as well. Thanks to their efforts, 157 children were provided with food for the Holiday, which was given to the children on the 21th and 22th of December.

The followers of the Transylvanian Fanatics could donate via the purchase of T-shirts/could support them by purchasing T-shirts, whilst offered 1% of the income from their in-app purchases, making sure that enough money was piled up to provide food for the families.

Thanks to their efforts, we managed to earn/collect 6,731 RON (4.645 RON from the T-shirt purchases, and 2.086 RON from the in-app purchases).

On the 21st of December, we assembled the food packages, with the help of our volunteers, which contained/containing canned foods, compotes, sweets, cheeses, salamis, jams, chocolate cream, milk, cacao, scones, bread, fruits and vegetables, worth around 150 RON per family.

This operation showed us, how much we can help, even when we have so much on our plates. Even with the pandemic happening, the people still haven’t lost their will to give, it only got stronger.

A huge thank you to Transylvanian Fanatics and for their co-operation, involving their users/clients and making sure that, no families would be left starving this Christmas.

Thank you, everyone!