Project Description

In March 2018 Szilárdka had another examination. After that, the next treatment needed to be put on hold, because the little boy’s teeth needed to grow a little more. Following that, in October 2019 they spent 3 weeks in Szeged, where using special kinds of braces they were able to achieve even more improvement. Our foundation, and the people helping the little boy showed a special kind of unity and hope, which hasn`t changed even when the Doctor responsible of Szilárdka suggested another surgery, after seeing the huge improvements the previous actions have taken. At the start of 2020 after the preparational examinations, the surgery took place in February. Everything went perfectly, and even though Szilárdka was really scared of the needles, he handled it like a hero! Thanks to our foundation, and the help of lots of people, the costs implied didn`t put burden on the family, because everything was taken care of.

The result of our collaboration was that the family didn’t have to worry about the cost of anything surrounding the surgeries. Additionally we tried to help with the organization of the travels, communicating with the doctors, clinics, and taking care of things in general.

Right now Szilárdka is at home with his parents, keeping in contact with the clinic of Szeged, because Szilárdka’s journey is still not over. The parents would like to thank you, for helping so much, and appreciates that people were so willing to help.

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