Project Description

Szabolcs and his family aimed to purchase a special digital magnifier so the little boy can live a more fulfilling life.

To help the family, in 2017 we organized an online fundraising campaign, then in March 2018, with the support of coffee shops from Csíkszereda and optical stores from Székelyudvarhely, we have initiated a charity-box fundraising to help them buying the expensive magnifying machine.

Thanks to the donations made by generous people and also as a result of an 8 month-long fundraising campaign, by august 2018 the family was able to buy the special magnifying device for their little boy.

With the contribution of our foundation, we managed to give the family a total amount of 10 500 Lei:

  • 1 230 Lei through bank transfer,
  • 3 510 Lei through online transfer,
  • with the charity-box collection, a total amount of 3 982 Lei,
  • 500 Lei offered by sponsorships,
  • and the contribution from our foundation was 1278 Lei (contribution from 2% personal income tax).

Families and friends also answered the appeal, therefore above the successfully gathered donations, altogether with the family`s savings, further contributions has been added to the amount needed for buying the machine, that is 15 500 Lei.

At the moment Szabolcs is getting familiar with the machinery, his is testing its settings and options, getting prepared for the upcoming school year (18/19), which will be eased by the magnifying machine called Prodigi Connect 12.