Project Description

We’ve started our fundraising for the Ambrus family on August 19, 2020, and with the help of such amazing people, we reached our goal in less than 2 days.

Our goal was 5000 RON, which we even went over, reaching a total amount of 5742 RON.

35 people donated through online means, reaching the amazing amount of 4600 RON, aswell as 9 individuals donating via bank accounts. 100% of the proceeds was spent on providing meals for the family, enough for about 115 days.

We heard about the Ambrus family through the school and council of Mădăraș, and we immediately began a fundraising project for those people in need.  Our goal was to provide a sense of hope and safety for the family, by paying for their food in their time of need. As we mentioned in our previous report, the family had to leave their home, and get shelter in the school’s afterschool facility. The wonderful people of the village set a goal of fixing the house, making it a safe, homely place for the family, and we tried to collaborate, by providing sustenance for them, so the community can focus on making the house a perfect place for the children and their father. The project was a great success, thanks to all of you! We would like to express our gratitude towards all of you, who helped us reach our goal in a matter of a few days! It was proven again, that the will of good intentions is able to achieve anything, and able to provide months’ worth of help in a matter of moments to those in need. Thank you!