Project Description

June brings the real summer atmosphere for everyone, you can almost feel the taste of vacation, relaxation, and although this was not really an example in the previous years, this year we started the summer with a charity campaign.

In connection with this campaign, we owe special thanks to Gheorghe Gheorghiță, to the manager of GG Pix, who offered a variety of colorful, fun games that can be used outdoors, thus on his initiative and courtesy of the company, as well as with the contribution of our foundation, many small children and their families received significant support and many surprises.

Knowing well the situation and difficulties of sheltered families, we wanted to make the time spent at home more colorful for them, and thus in this form, our packages filled with useful and entertaining donations could reach the most suitable places at the best time.

During our campaign, which took place between June 15-16, after planning and procurement, in total, we gave 102 children from 20 families the summer start packages, which, in addition to the offered toys, were full of durable food.

We would also like to thank GG Pix and their manager for all the donations, especially for helping us with the delivery of the packages, so together we were able to put a smile on the faces of more than a hundred little children with sparkling eyes. We wish you a meaningful and beautiful summer!