Project Description

,,I was told, that you should only receive, if you are willing to give.” (part from a letter)

In November 2020, our foundation was working non-stop/tirelessly as usual. Even though the preparations were being madeonline and remotely, our ambitions and plans did not change; Christmas was still far away, but we could already feel the power of wishes through the excited, happy voice of the children.

,,Thank you for giving me a chance to have/make a wish on Christmas” (part from a letter)

We reached out to 157 kids in and around of Csíkszereda, asking them to write a letter to the Angels, and we brought them to the right place, making it possible, making it to happen.

,,All 6 of us would like this gift, since/as we never had one like this before” (part from a letter)

Beautiful drawings, winter mood, short poems, good wishes, touching lines, enthusiastic Christmas wishes; the letters were filled to the brim with childlike wonders and with pure simplicity. Reading them made us certain about what we already knew. (Since we already knew some of these kids from past years ): They deserve gifts like anyone else. The most surprising thing was the simplicity, humility, and modesty the letters contained, our hearts constricted, as we were reading those letters/them and saw those drawings.

,,This year I received a lot of good, love and happiness…” (part from a letter)

,,….food, sweets, a drawing pad, hair growth shampoo, soap, a pen holder, pencils, pens, a diary, a hair comb.” (part from a letter)

Not only us, but those who wanted to help must have felt the same way, since all the gifts were done, and ready in 36 hours. Families, friends, working communities undertook the effort to help at least one of the families, and grant their wishes. Families, who had more struggles other than their poor, hard living conditions. Every family whom we reached out to, in our “What did the Angels bring” campaign, are very important to us: their stories, their will to act, the humble way they deal with their problems, their deep honesty through their letters, made people realise how much they want to help.

,,if it`s too much what I ask for, then all I`m asking you is to heal my Father, you see, he is very sick.” (part from a letter)

On December 17, every gift was ready to be delivered, making our office a complete labyrinth, with a total of 115 packages. Colourful wrapping paper, personal messages, carefully assembled gifts, worth of a total/with a total worth of 21.456 RON. The packages were delivered on the 21st and 22nd of December. We had a chance to see the gratitude and happiness in the eyes of the children, when they received their gifts, showering us with “Thank you”-s, and happiness. What made this even better, was the fact that the “Christmas dinner for those in needcampaign was a success, allowing us to deliver food packages along with the other gifts.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us, and all of the 157 children, making their Christmas as joyful as possible. Additionally, thank you to all our Angels, who made these packages possible, also to our volunteers, for delivering all the gifts before Christmas Eve.

,,Thank you, for all these wonderful gifts. I wish a Happy Christmas to everyone who helped us!” (A mother’s letter)

It has become a tradition to express our thoughts and feelings about this campaign, and share our thoughts, and experiences with everyone, since the amount of happiness, gratitude and all the stories we heard throughout this experience has/needs to reach to everyone.

,,A lot of children live in rough conditions, which was a tough sight to see. But, when they finally spotted out the Angels, and the gifts they were holding, they forgot about all their problems, practically jumping from happiness. Yesterday, I thought about how a simple gift can make a child so happy. It made me realise, that I was the same, being joyful and happy every Christmas when I opened my gifts. Regardless if a child lives in good or bad conditions, Christmas is the same for all of us, including the parents. ” (E. Kata)

,,I never know what to talk about in these reports. Maybe the rough, almost unbearable conditions, some families live in, the glow in the eyes of the children/ kids’ eyes, the tiny, barely accessible houses, or the honest simplicity of their wishes? I don’t know, because there are just so much to talk about, so many reasons, why these families deserve respect, so many stories, because of which they should be admired. Maybe one feeling, that might already have became a cliché during these holidays, but it is what describes our thoughts the best: Love. And every year I realize how these families strive thanks to that feeling, and maybe this is what keeps us fighting/makes us fight each year. (Brigitta)

,,For the last 2 years, the highlight of my Christmas preparation wasthis campaign. I would like to thank our angels, sponsors, volunteers, colleagues, and everyone who helped these kids out. Those happy eyes yesterday made me realise that regardless of the pandemic, Christmas is the holiday of love, happiness and joy.” (Emőke)

,,Gratitude, self-knowledge, love, smiles, joy. These values have been passed down/through to me, throughout this campaign. All my life, I`ve never worked so hard with such ambition, humility and altruism like I did while delivering these gifts. I think that making such efforts for the happiness of others is the most wonderful thing you can do. Getting/Receiving something makes you forget about your problems for a while. But by giving something grants you with feelings and experiences which stays with you through the rest of your life. It was very instructive realizing that: These kids found more happiness in nothing, than how much we find in everything. ” (Kriszta)

,,A couple of rough days are behind us, but weirdly, I don’t feel tired at all. Maybe because this campaign was a good last cause for this year. Seeing those happy faces, those shaking hands, while they open their gifts, is indescribable. I wish everyone to experience this feeling, to help them realise what they tell you is true: “It is better to give than to receive” – We are grateful to everyone, who helped this dream come true.” (Timi)