Project Description

We believe that our activity “What did Santa bring you?” has proved once again in the year 2019 that we are surrounded by incredibly good people! At the beginning of November, we announced our action “write a letter to Santa” as in the previous year, and asked children in need, in extreme poverty or raised in modest circumstances to write their wishes in a letter that we will send to Santa Claus. We uploaded the letters to our website ( and requested families, friends, working communities to pick out a letter and try to fulfill the Christmas wishes of the children who wrote it.

We experienced an incredible collaboration, and the letters were given out so fast that we haven’t even expected it. After taking the letters and discussing, the enthusiastic and serious donors brought gifts wrapped in beautiful packaging into our office. Some of the donors had been driving hundreds of kilometers to bring their pack to us on time, some of them had them mailed from abroad, some had organized their own small collections in their area to fulfill the wish of a child wo had more wishes. We also had a donor who returned to us because our foundation helped his family and he wanted to repay all those people who helped him. Our foundation kept in touch with 37 people, with more than 100 people willing to lend a hand, thus 139 children’s Christmas dream came true within a few weeks. People donated wonderful gifts worth 18.867 Ron: toys, books, remote controled cars, school supplies, boots, jackets, pants, bikes, skis, guitars, sledges, rocking horses, flutes, stuffed animals, sweets, many fruits as well as little surprises and and nonperishable food for parents, big brothers and sisters. The packs were handed over between 16th and 19th of December 2019. We visited the writers of those letters in 16 settlements.

We consider that this action proved to be outstanding in our three-year activity and we are grateful to all of those who have helped us throughout the year and especially to those who have made it possible for so many children to experience the Christmas miracle. We also share our thanks, thoughts, and experiences along with photos of the moments of delivery in our report:

“It was shocking to see how many families live in extreme poverty. In most cases, 5-6 children stayed in homes with 1-2 adults, in apartments of less than 6 square meters (if you can call this tiny little room an apartment). Space is narrow, the daily bread is minimal, but these families give love the first place in their lives. All children welcomed us with big smiles on their faces and with even greater joy when they received their gifts. We saw and experienced the unbounded happiness of the children. We are grateful to ‘Santa’ for making everyone’s Christmas more beautiful! ” (Timi)

“Our ’What did Santa bring you?’ project is very dear to my heart. Heartbreaking letters, enthusiastic Santas, fully packed cars, wide smiles, curious gazes come to my mind when I think of this project. I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratefulness and doing something when a pack arrives for the children. Thank you for that.” (Emőke)

“My best experience was that I have been able to stay with a few families, talk with them and the fact that we could see their very private moment: we could also look at the unpacking of the gifts. It was such an amazing experience because even though we knew the letters, we didn’t know what the child was asking for, and my childhood experiences came to my mind, seeing their joy and excitement. These children can really be happy, which I think is not a commonplace nowadays. Each of our Santas is really a true ’Santa’ because magic has happened and this has become evident when handing over the gifts! Thank you. ” (Brigitta)

“The delivery of packages is the highlight of our Christmas action, when all the tiredness, which has accumulated over the year, passes away and at that moment, only the pure joy of childrens counts for the family. I’ve had many outstanding experiences. One of them, when one of the little boys opened the package and took one thing out of it and shouted, yeah, that’s exactly what i wanted, and I realized it was really a joy he might not even know how to handle, he was just full of happiness and forgot that we were there too. Another such memory that I will remember for a long time is when we took the package in a house, and we could not really called that house ‘a house’ because the circumstances were so simple, yet the new toys and clothes were like treasure there. Hearing the quiet cries like ’Mom, look what I got!’, ’So beautiful!’ and every piece of the toys were took out of the boxes and examined as a treasure. In that moment, in my mind, the feeling of happiness and everything were rewritten a little bit.” (Katika)

“It was my first experience of this kind, and I have to say, I have positive feelings. Although it kills me to see those families, I am pleased to be able to help them. I have learned a lot during this week. Although there are a lot of bad things in the world, I think there are many good people because without them we could`t be able to fulfill the dreams of those many children. I saw and experienced that it doesn’t take much to make people happy. Finally, I learned from a kindergartner that what matters the most is not what Santa brought, but the fact that we were together in happiness, love and peace. Miracles have happened that week.” (Reni)