Project Description

Our Charity School supplies Collection in Miercurea Ciuc was successfully completed: thanks to the donors who visited our action partners with their donations between 27 August and 8 September 2021,we delivered the collected school supplies to more than 80 children from 19 families.In addition to booklets, drawing blocks, writing instruments, pencil cases, markers, erasers, sharpeners, watercolors and other school supplies, families could pick up food packages and a school bag for each child during the last week of the holiday: during the action, 19 bags were given in the collection boxes, for which we completed with 56 new school bags, to ensure that everyone has something to pack their school supplies into. 

On the 9th and 10th of September we visited 19 needy families living in 7 settlements with school starter packages, school bags and food packages, thus making it easier for families to start the school. Thanks to the partners of the Charity School Supplies Collection(to the Paper Bird paper shop and Zenit Plus), and its collection points as well as to the generous donors and helpers in 13 days this year, a total of 486 booklets, 75 drawing blocks, 61 glossaries, 117 ballpoint pens and pens, 192 pencils, 23 glue, 36 rulers, 3 scissors, 29 sharpeners, 61 erasers, 31 brushes, 43 watercolors, 54 colored pencils, 18 markers, 28 pencil cases, 101 timetables, 39 booklet covers, compass sets, plasticine, story-books, colorants, crayons, gym bag, brunch box, folders, booklet labels and markers were gathered. In addition, the donors brought 19 school bags to the paper stores and to our foundation, and besides we bought 56 more bags worth more than 3300 lei from the amount we received this year from 2% redirected tax and courtesy of, in order to as many children as possible can start this school year with a new bag and a happy smile. 

Most of the families we have visited have at least three children,but a large number of families with four or five children also received packages.The donations were given to families who could not have solved this school start otherwise,only with the cost of serious sacrifices.This was revealed by the sincere smiles of the children and the grateful looks of the parents, as well as the kind words that we received in exchange for the donations when the packages were handed over. Thank you all very much for your help and hard work!