Project Description

In 2020, between 17th of August and 8th of September, with the help of 2 paper/stationery stores, we managed to help 98 kids in need. With the help we got from our donors, we’ve accumulated/gathered over 900 booklets, 82 school bags, 220 pencils, 120 pens, 120 erasers and sharpeners, 60 packs of colored pencils, 70 packs of watercolour kits, 44 drawing pads, dozens of pencil cases, rulers, scissors, paper glue, as well as colored highlighters, bookmarks, drawing compasses, gym bags, plasticine sets, booklet covers, timetable and brushes. The fundraising turned out to be an obvious success, thanks to our selfless donors. The statistics are a definite indicator of success, but seeing the happy children, their smiles filled with joy, the infinite gratitude of their parents, makes it quite obvious, that our help was in fact needed, and the supplies are in good hands.

The families

In total, we have visited 25 families, most of them raising 3 or more children, some of them raising 6, or even 8 kids. Ten of these families only had a single parent, which makes it even more difficult for them to afford these supplies. We managed to help families in Csíkszereda, Csíkcsicsó, Csaracsó, Csiba, Zsögöd, Csíkszentimre, Csíkmindszent, Mardaras, Gyimesfelsőlok and Gyímesközéplok. Teachers have stated, that despite the rough conditions that these children are facing, they are quite aspiring and diligent. This was proven by their eyes, filled with joy and happiness, when they spotted the school bags full of school supplies. After we handed them the bags, they started inspecting the pencil cases, flipping through the booklets, admiring the colouring pencils, bookmarks, showing their siblings what they got, their smiles making it unequivocal: we managed to bring joy into these kid`s life.

Thank you! Each year with each fundraising project we repeat, makes it clear, that this wouldn’t be possible without our donor`s help. We are infinitely grateful to everyone who helped us out in any way, shape, or form, making this fundraising a definite success.

First of all, thanks to everyone who donated booklets, stationeries, bags, and supplies of all sorts. A huge thank you to the Papírmadár and Zenit paper stores, for partnering us up, providing storage, and a place to collect the supplies, as well as the helpful, and positive attitude of the co-workers. It was a pleasure working with you again! A huge thank you to Infinity-yoga Budapest for offering the 280 RON income of the flow yoga for others event in Csíkszereda, making it possible for us to purchase booklets for children, as well as to everyone who offered 2% of their income tax, accumulating a total of 1071.91 RON, which totaled a sum of 797,41 RON deductible, and made it possible for us to afford 68 brand new school bags.

Thank you to everyone who promoted our fundraising via social media, as well as the representatives of Hargita Népe, Szépvíz FM, and others, for supporting our fundraising project. Thank you to our volunteers, for assembling the contents of the school bags, and thank you toall of you, who believed in us, and helped us with words of encouragement.