Project Description

One of our most important holidays, the outstanding period of the year and the countless wonderful memories of our childhood are connected to these days: preparing in the family, baking and cooking, preparing the basket for food consecration, full of delicious food. Once again, as we have done in recent years, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting the children of families in need in our environment as well as those living in deep poverty, and to make their Easter baskets full. In April 13-15 in 2022 we delivered valuable food packages to a total of 116 children in 30 families as part of a large-scale action.

The total value of the packages put together was 5.000 lei, which was available to us thanks to the support of two companies as well as individuals who decided to support the activities of our foundation by offering 3.5% of their income tax. Thanks again for the selfless offerings! 

Fresh cakes and crispbread, chocolate and stuffed candies, fresh fruits and juicy vegetables, meat products, canned food: these were all included in the packages to give the greatest possible pleasure to the little ones, the big kids and their parents alike. A total of 60 cakes, 30 loaves of bread, 30 bars of salami and 8 kg of sausage, 60 cream cheeses and 30 Trappist cheeses, 100 kg of vegetables, radishes, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and 120 kg of fruit were packed, plus 30 boxes of margarine, 60 pates, 60 canned fish and also 60 canned meats, 30 jars of jam, 60 bunny chocolate, 60 bars of milk chocolate and 30 packets of candy were also included in the plentiful packages.

And like every year, this report also ends with thanks. After all, without supporters and helpers, this and our actions like this would certainly not have been possible. Fort that we are very grateful! We would like to express our special thanks to our volunteers and to Imre Miklós, SegítAny, thanks to whom the packages arrived on time. And, of course, we would like to thank everyone who supported our foundation in some way so that this action can take place.