Project Description

Gyopárka was born on 23rd of August 2013 in Marosvásárhely. She was diagnosed with duodenal obstruction. She was only 3 months old when she had been treated with hydrocephalus in Kolozsvár and in Marosvásárhely. She was less than nine-months old when she had to undergo a surgery and also got numerous medical treatments, however, unfortunately her condition wasn`t getting any better. Due to the constant pressure in her head, the central nervous system and her sight were affected as well. Since there was no improvement in her condition, the family went to Debrecen where she was operated immediately and underwent a definitive shunt implantation that controls the flow of water. Later on, a problem with the shunt appeared, which led to a re-operation only after a month. Meanwhile, she developed cysts and abscesses, requiring a longer hospitalization, series of treatments and infusions. Gyopárka currently had six surgeries. Unfortunately, she cannot sit or walk by her own. She can speak, but only a few words, also her vision is very weak. They are consulting with specialists four times a week and they are attending “Vojta” therapies and massages. She is attending a kindergarten for children with special needs. The family is now appealing for help. For this reason, we have launched a fundraising campaign to help them embrace opportunities available only abroad that would be a major step forward in Gyopárka’s development.

As a result of our collaboration and thanks to the large amount of sharing through the internet, online credit card donations, and bank transfers, the amount earned for Gyopárka was raised and even exceeded in just one month: a total of 6050 lei was passed over to the family.

Gyopárka is currently in the process of developing, and together with her parents, they continue to work together to make the little girl’s life better. The money raised helps cover the cost of two months of TheraSuit therapy and a development camp to help the family take another step towards the development of Gyopárka.

If you would like to continue to support Gyopárka in the future, please contact our Foundation!