Project Description

The past 1 and a half years wasquite a challenge for all of us. One minute you can organize events, go to school, seconds later you can’t even leave the house… but you know this all too well. We started the Nagy Erőd Challenge with e-mails, than switched to an online approach. A few weeks later we met for a few occasions, and then we had to go back to online meetings… In one word….it was untraceable…

But June was getting closer and closer, which meant Children’s day was approaching. This day means one important thing for our foundation: Fun.  We decided: Let’s stop worrying, and let’s start planning, organizing, and conquer the entire world! Well…not the entire world, but the surrounding area of Csíkszereda….close enough… It still was quite a task, but we enjoyed every second of it!

This year, the Marathon lasted for 11 days, between May 28th and June 15th, during which we traveled a total of 398 kilometers, to reach 19 schools of 16 towns/villages, with the goal of organizing team-building games for the children. With help of 2 session leaders and 3 helpers, we conducted 28 games, totalling 1,400 minutes of pure joy and fun for the children. The activities were held outside except for a few occasions, when we had to move under a roof because of the weather.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who joined us! It made us incredibly happy to see you all again, and being able to play with you! The Marathon is set to continue at fall.