Project Description

Each time, one of our projects ends, this task/the following task takes place: we have to write a report, select some pictures, and share the details. But this time… it was a little bit different.

These 2 weeks might have been a bit more intensive, tiresome, eventful, and difficult due to the current situation, but it certainly was successful.

The mixture of these difficulties however, resulted in much more happiness, joy, and pride. Every evening we arrived home tired, but happy, proud of what we have accomplished, and able to say: The 10th  birthday of Juventutti is happening how we’ve always imagined it.  We are doing what we wanted, helping where we can, accomplishing what we’ve always wanted.

Yes, these last 2 weeks were tough, and intense. We set a very specific goal in these last months to celebrate this milestone, and thankfully we`ve achieved it. For the first time ever, our goal was to hit 10,000 RON, and for the very first time, we even achieved too.

visit everyone who reached out to us, and asked for our help.

For the first time, thanks to you, and only you, we managed to do that. We would like to thank you all, who bought one of the 1,000 slices of our virtual cake.

The fundraising started on the 1st of February, and we reached-, and even exceeded our goal with 60 RON in 52 days.  A total of 189 people decided to help us out: 1,360 RONs online, and 8,700 RONs were donated via bank transfers. The aforementioned money was spent on food packages, meaning, 2 packages got to each of the families: a total of 210 packages were brought to the families between March 22, and April 1, in 16 cities / villages (Csíkszereda, Gyimesközéplok, Hidegség, Csaracsó, Csiba, Csíkszenttamás, Bánkfalva, Csíkszentsimon, Csíkszentimre, Tusnád).

During this project, we have visited a total of 105 families, met 337 children, and asked for their hand-prints as a way of remembering this project,

making our 10th birthday an unforgettable event. We asked all of them, to dip their hands in paint, and leave a print on a huge sheet,

Since they already left a print on our heart, and they are the most important part of our foundation.

And, this also could show everyone, who took part in helping our foundation, how many children they helped with their donations, and how many people’s lives they’ve changed by taking part in our projects.

The fact, that the 1000 cake slices for children in need was a success, is an immeasurable joy for us. It showed us, that the community appreciates, what we do, and gladly help those, who need it the most. It showed us, that even though, not everyone lives the same way, it is important for you, that everyone gets the same chance for a happy, joyful life.

A community, to which, it is as important, that children in need are happy, as it is for us.

And yes, these thoughts give us strength and hope every day, and provide us, with proof, that we do need to continue our work. This is our 10th birthday, but with such a community backing us up, there is no doubt, we will be able to celebrate our 15th, 20th, 25th, and many more of our birthdays. This is all thanks to you! Thank you, for your collaboration!