Project Description

After a  year of ommision, it became possible for us to re-open the Summer camp about school bullying. The event was held between 5th and 9th of July  that took place at Csíksomlyó for 23 children between the ages of 13-15 of the Hargita County Social and Child Protection Directorate, as well as children coming  from foster care. In order to teach kids about the prevention of bullying we used a couple of methods, including games and experiential pedagogy in a safe and controlled environment.

The children attending Camp fort (hosted by the Juventutti Foundation) took part of a 5-day event, wherethey learned about specific ways to prevent bullying, in order to help them in handling similarsituations. All  this happened in a camp full of new people, a new team,  new community, wherechildren could make new friends and have lots of fun.

“This camp taught me how important it is to take care of ourselves” (An attendee)

“These few days made me realise how to interact with new people, and how to deal with anxiety and conflicts” (An attendee)

Monday was all about teamwork, teaching kids how to form, help and manage a community. Tuesday’s theme was self-knowledge, confidence,trust, and emotion-recognition. Wednesday was about creativity, and the basics of non-violent communication. On Thursday we taught kids about problem solving and dealing with conflicts, and Friday we’ve prepared children how to deal with stress using games, and different practices.

“The most important thing that happened to me during these 5 days was that I evolved in lots of ways.” (An attendee)

“Restraint was the most interesting thing I’ve learned about here.” (An attendee)

We would like to say “thank you” to everyone at Harplast, and the Red Cross of Gyergyószentmiklós for making this camp possible. We would also like to express our gratitude to our volunteers: Orsi, Kriszta, Edina and Kata, as well as the Hargita County Social and Child Protection Directorate for helping out wherever they could, Thank you!

“Thank you for making this amazing camp possible. Eternal gratitude. Thanks for all the hard work and devotion. And thank you for not giving up after seeing how badly we can behave. You must have an infinite supply of self-control. Thank you!” (An attendee)