Project Description

On March 28th we started an online fundraising, to help out children living in, and around Csíkszereda. These children were already in hard situations, when it came to food, but COVID-19 made it even harder for them. Just after 1 hour, we reached our goal of 5000 RON, of which 100% was spent on basic food supplies. The fundraising isn’t over, we still accept donations, so we can help children over and over again. You can help our cause by clicking HERE.

“We don’t have any food, no money to buy any, and we are too scared to go out” – These words were heard a few days ago, when the president of our foundation called some families in need, whom we already had a well established “relationship” with, and planned to visit them around easter with food supplies. But, after the pandemic started to take shape, we started a fundraising on March 28th on our webpage, and our President hosted a live “event” on Facebook aswell, describing the concept of our project. During the live event, just in a single hour, we reached our goal of 5000 RON. We would like to express our appreciation for that. Thank you very much for helping! 100% of the funds were spent on food supplies to help out 90 children from 25 families in need.

The food supplies contained 76kgs of flour, 38kgs of cornflour, 76 packs of pasta,38kgs of oil, more than 38kgs of rice, 152 cans of meat and “pástétom”, nearly 18kgs of salami, 19kgs of haricot, 38 kgs of sugar, 76 servings of cream cheese, 38 cans of margarine, 38 jars of jam, more than 13kgs of cheese, chocolate, and crackers, 38kgs of banana, 11kgs of cucumber, 46kgs of tomato, 20kgs of paprika and 77kgs of orange. The food supplies were given out during March 30th and 31st, the families were very greatful to everyone who helped them out! “Every night we pray for the people who helped us!” -Said a mom, who raises 8 children.

We would like to thank everyone who helped our cause! Many thanks to our donors, and to everyone who helped our deeds to be so successful.