Project Description

Our foundation’s third fundraiser movement was also very successful. The online fundraising advertised under the title of “Food for starving children” started at the end of March, and a total amount of 15 000 RON has been donated since then. On the occasion of two other transfers of donations we bought food for 10 000 RON, and everything that was bought was delivered on the 30th of March for the first time, and on the 15th of April for the second to the big families in need or living in extreme poverty in Miercurea- Ciuc and in the neighboring villages. We have already written about these actions here and here. The third transfer of the food supplies was organized on the 15th of May, and 186 children from 50 families could enjoy the rich food packages this time.

“May God help you in every step of yours!” (a father of three children)

“We received a lot of delicious things, may God repay you a million times!” (a mother of three children)

“Many thanks for the gifts!” (a father of three children)

The third action of our online fundraising has demonstrated, that collaboration has a great power: in May we were able to reach 186 children due to the donators and supporters. The food supplies contained 250 kg of flour, sugar, haricot, rice and corn flour, 100 l of milk, 50 l of oil, 50 sticks of salami, 150 pate, 150 packets of instant soups, 100 bars of jam, 50 cans of margarine, 50 loaves of bread, 400 kg of vegetables and fruits, and to all of these 200 kg pasta, 110 packs of ginger bread, 50 packs of pickled cabbage and 535 kg potatoes were added, thanks to two companies: Domino Trade and Baraev. This was divided among 50 families living in 14 villages. The products costed 5106.94 RON, from which 3617 ron was transferred online, 1050 via bank transfer, and it was completed with an additional 439,94 RON from the amount gained from the offered 2 % of income taxes.

We would like to express our thanks for the help and support given and besides that for the lovely messages from the families and we also would like to express our gratitude with the thoughts of the president of the foundation, Tímea Hasenec:

“We are very grateful to everyone, who helped these children with financial contribution, discounts or products, thus we could fill more cars with food, and transfer them to 180 really poor children. We would like to deliver special thanks towards the volunteers and helpers, who helped us with the purchasing, packaging, delivering, making contact with the families or with the transfer itself. This part of our work is not always simple, but as far as so many people help and support us, and as far as we can delight these children, we can concretely land a helping hand, we think it is worth launching similar actions.”