Project Description

On April 8, another one of our goal was successfully reached, thanks to all the people who helped out with their donations, making it possible for us to continue our help towards starving children, with rough livelihoods. Yet again, we reached 5000 RON, which we could spend on food, and get it to 50 families on April 15, meaning we helped out 169 children in need. This is our second successful “Rations” project, since last time we achieved a similar goal, with rations of the same amount, which you can read about right here.

Seeing a 10 year old girl scream in happiness, picking up fresh tomatoes, watching a boy, with a smeared face inspect a racket of food, with glittering eyes, telling her mother “this pack is soo heavy!”, looking at kids staring at sweets from distance, still not believing that it’s for them…these are the moments you can never forget, the moments that make us confident, that we are doing the right thing, and that rations are coming to places where they are most needed.

The content of the food supplies, which helped out families who were already in need of help, and the quarantine made their ways of getting food basically impossible, included: 50l of oil, 50kg of flour, 50 kg of pasta, 50kg of cornflour, 50kg of beans, 50 sticks of salami, 50l of milk, 50kg of sugar, 50kg of rice, pasty, margarine, instant soups, jam, more than 300 servings of sweets, as well as 104 kg of fruits and 100 kg of vegetables. The rations that were prepared in advance were given to families in 15 villages.

We owe our gratitude to a lot of people, for helping our cause, we are so grateful, there is no reason trying to put it in words.

Quoting the words of our foundation’s president: As usual, there are a lot of people to thank to, for helping our intentions. First and foremost, I would like to thank people who donated, making it possible for us to get these rations. A special thanks to Domino Trade SRL, for the sweets, Amigo&Intercost, as well as Baraev SRL for giving us a discount on their supplies. A huge “Thank you” to Barni, for helping us deliver the supplies, and thank you to Orsi, Kata, as well as Évi, for helping us out in a similar way. Thank you for the donations, your attention, and the encouraging, kind words!

We will keep working towards helping people in need.