Project Description

Since March, this has been our fourth fundraising: With your help, we reached our goal yet again, and managed to help 35 families in need, with the food supplies assembled.

600kgs of food weighed down our cars on June 25, 2020. We filled them up with 70 bags of food supplies, and started our journey. At the end of the day we finished with 35 families being helped out. The result of our fundraising, which were collected via online, and credit card  donations, as well as the 2% of taxes offered, allowed us to compile 105 cans of pasty, 70 bags of flour, 70 packs of pasta, 70 bags of hominy (special type of flour), 35 packs of dried beans, 35 packs of rice, 70 litres of oil, as well as 35 bags of sugar, 35 sticks of summer salami, 70 packs of biscuits, 35 boxes of margarine, 70 jars of jam, 70 packs of melted cheese, 70 litres of milk, and 35 loafs of bread.

Hearing, and seeing the stories of the families we visited to deliver food supplies, we can assure you, that the 3132 RONs worth of food are in the right hands. We would like to thank all of you, for helping us out for the fourth time, making it possible for us to help out those that are in need.