Project Description

Although we have not (yet) launched a specific charity campaign aimed at collecting digital devices, between 22nd of October and 10th of December 2020, through our Foundation, we managed to deliver digital devices in the amount of RON 4600 to 10 schoolchildren in need in and around Miercurea Ciuc, in order to make it possible for them to participate in online education.

After the transition to online education, several people approached our Foundation with the same issue: children do not have the opportunity to take part in online education because either the necessary device is missing or the children do not have access to the internet. A common problem is that, although a family has one smartphone, it must sometimes be used by 4 or 5 children at the same time. Most families try to resolve children’s online learning using their mobile internet, and often devices that are not suitable because of the lack of storage space and capacity. Following the search for families who approached us, several helpful people and the Spectrum Education Center responded to our requests posted on our Facebook page, so we were able to deliver two laptops and five smartphones in a month to families who really needed these devices. Of course, it’s only a drop in the ocean, as we’d certainly find families for ten times as many devices, but we are very grateful to everyone who gave those poor children their old device, their laptop, to allow them to participate in online education again. After all, we can see and experience: these children really want nothing more than to learn.

Thank you all!