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Dávid’s story:

“David is two years and eight months old. Apparently he was born  healthy, but he did not develop, like other kids of his age, so we took him to baby gymnastics. Unfortunately that did not help him. He was checked by numerous doctors so by the time he was 1 year and 10 months old, it turned out he was born with CMV (cytomegalovirus). This virus affected his eyesight and also greatly  damaged his central nervous system. This means David`s current motor development is stuck at crawling and is uncertain how much he can see. The greatest problem right now is his hearing, the virus affected his tympanum so he is completely deaf. In order for him to have a full life, hear the sounds of the world and learn to speak, we are planning a cochlear implant on the right side, this summer in Pecs, Hungary.  After this procedure, we will have to visit the clinic several times, for tuning and sound adjustment depending on his development. For this step, we need some help!”

David`s parents are asking for financial help so they can afford all the visits (travel, accomodation) to the clinic in Hungary. This amount is about 7200 Ron.

During the past four months, with the help of generous donors we managed to collect the necessary sum of money, the set amount of 7200 lei for David. They have sent a total of 5452 lei for him through our foundation: 760 lei through bank transfer, 3140 lei through on-line transfer, and 1552 lei were gathered in polls placed inside  pastry shops in Miercurea Ciuc. As soon as they heard about the appeal, all the friends and acquaintances of the family came to help David, so in addition to the targeted amount of the donation, which has been successfully completed through our foundation, also an extra contribution has been passed over to the family in person.

Now David is with his parents, establishing the date for his surgical appointment is being in process.

If you would like to support David in the future, please get in touch with us through our foundation!

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