Project Description

Story of Béluka

Béluka was born in 2013, as a healthy baby. The first issues occured in 2018, when he suffered a sudden weight loss, and his knees started hurting. His parents thought it was caused by an injury during playtime, but the symptoms were far too problematic for that to be the case. Following the examinations in Miercurea Ciuc, Béluka was immediately sent to Cluj Napoca, where it was discovered, that Béluka was suffering from bone cancer. Following the radiaton treatment and chemotheraphy, Béluka went under home treatment, with regular medication, because of which, he regularly has to travel to Cluj Napoca.

As a result of our cooperation, during our first fundraising, we accumulated our goal quickly: The 510 RONs (of which 500 RON were sent online, 10 RON via bank transfer) will be spent on dietary supplements and covering for the travels in the near future.