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Barbara’s story

Barbara was born in 2015, she was diagnosed with severe hearing loss. In October, 2016 Barbara had a surgery and got cochlear implants which directly stimulates the auditory nerves in the brain and helps in the hearing process. This implant works with a speech related processor to help Barbara hear sounds that surrounds her. In the first year the implant worked with batteries which caused some difficulties because of the replacement these in every 3-4 days. It was recommended them to use rechargeable battery in order to function and develop properly. We organised online fundraising for Barbara in September, 2017. Donations made possible for Barbara to get new
rechargeable battery and other accessories for her implant which is important in the process of her recovery.

As a result of the fundraising and the help of our foundation Barbara’s family received 2422 Ron in 2017 and in the beginning of 2018. The battery is much more effective since it does not have to charge very often as batteries they had used. This is also a beneficial solution for the family in financial sense because it means them saving money.

Currently, Barbara is taking part on various medical examinations in Cluj Napoca, every 2-3 months. According to her mother, the device works properly so Barbara’s healing is in progress, she will be able to learn completely to speak.

If you would like to support Barbara in the future, please contact our foundation.

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