Project Description

Adorján was born on the 15th of January 2019 with a heart development disorder. He had a heart-surgery soon after he was born, which saved his life.

Since then, he attends physiotherapy on a weekly basis and evaluations on a monthly basis in Târgu Mureș to monitor his health. Adorján and his 4 siblings are raised in a simple household, in a tiny village. The closest city, where they attend the physiotherapy is in a 20 km range.

Our foundation donated 1500 RON`s worth of baby food, so the family does not have to worry about these expenses for a couple of months.

As of now Adorján lives with his parents, he has a huge appetite, and is a strong, healthy baby. He is growing nicely, and the results of the evaluations are all looking really good.

If you would like to help Adorján and his family out, you can do so here:

Fundația „Juventus” Alapítvány
CIF: 28063548
Miercurea Ciuc
Str. Iancu de Hunedoara 33/A/4.
Jud.: Harghita
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Banca Transilvania Miercurea Ciuc