You can help with your work even if you don’t come to our events. If you live abroad or just in another city you can work for us whenever you have time, wherever you want to do, we only point out the deadlines.

What does e-volunteering mean? 

E-volunteering is a voluntary activity in which you can utilize your knowledge with the help of the internet. This type of volunteering works online, we communicate online about tasks and you solve them whenever and wherever you want.

How can you help us? 

E-volunteering involves several different tasks, but now we are looking for translators who would help us in keeping our website and social media platforms up to date. It is important for us that people can follow our news, announcements and reports online in other languages like in Romanian and English.

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for responsible volunteers who would like to translate from Hungarian to English or Hungarian to Romanian, so people who have English and/or Romanian language skills.