Tímea Lázár – President of the Foundation

She graduated in finance banking, but never worked in her field. Administrative tasks, organization are her favorites, but she is not deterred by the challenges either, she likes to learn. Honesty, straightforwardness, accuracy and attention to each other are important values to her. She loves hiking, is passionate about good books and the Ford Mustang.

Kriszta Kajcsa – Translator

Graduate student of International Relations and European Studies, she takes part in youth organizations as well as talent development programs, because it is important for her to develop individuality and talent. Her goal in life is to get the most out of herself, to continually improve herself, and thereby benefit others.

Irénke & József Hasenec – Translators

They spend all their free time together, they enjoy hiking and walking. They have two wonderful akita: Maya and Aiko adore their masters. Creativity and discovering new things is always a new experience for them. Punctuality, attention, being respectful are some of their virtues.

Orsolya Antal – Erőd co-worker

She is a graduate student at the Louis Pasteur Medical Post-Graduate School. She loves volunteering because she can meet new people, make new friends, form opinions and become a member of the team. She thinks that everything she learns as a volunteer will be usable in her profession in the future. She likes to spend her free time outdoors with a good book, but she doesn’t neglect new adventures either.

Henrietta Szimma – Translator

She studied Applied Modern Languages German and English in Brașov and Cluj-Napoca.She works as a senior executive in a multinational company and as a freelance translator. She believes that if she can help the foundation with translations, this selfless effort is rewarded by gratefulness, pleasure, success and increase of practical knowledge.

Kriszta Ladó – Erőd co-worker

She is a psychology student in Cluj-Napoca. She considers that volunteering is a very good experience, which completes her university studies. It is very important for her to develop childrens intellectually. She likes to travel, to plan and she`s a determined person. She believes that the most important thing in life is respect, recognition and attention to others.

Szende Tankó – Erőd co-worker

Citizien of the “City of Treasures” she studied geography and regional development for 3 years. It fills her with joy when she is around kids and encourages her even more to explore the planets, stars, countries and all the existing maps with them. She consistently and precisely tries to fulfill her duties. In her free time she enjoys reading poems, and…well… a little party never killed nobody.

László Nagy – Translator

Proud dweller of Gyimesfelsőlok, he loves music, videogames and the English language as a whole. He tries to help wherever he can, but being disabled, and tied to a wheelchair makes it nearly impossible to help out in anything with a physical need. He wants to pursue translation as a career, even though any other languages seem to be a challenge for him.

Ágota Borsos – Translator

As a student at translation and psychology faculties she makes use of possibilities when she can help others and gain experience at the same time. For this reason did she begin to work as volunteer translator at our foundation, too. She considers that nowadays the notion of helping is incorrectly interpreted, meaning a self-sacrifice or giving-up something; however all of us have some extra resources that we can share with others. „Making a situation better, a task easier, solving a problem, making someone happier is not obligatory, but why not to do? :-)”

Edina-Barbara Albert – Erőd co-worker

She studied education, and she wants to become a primary teacher. She likes children and nature, and is interested in medicinal plants and in various arts. She considers herself to be a creative and open minded person, who likes to experience new things. She believes that we have to take care of and nurture children’s curiosity.

Kata Kocsis – Erőd co-worker

Helping out people has been a part of her life, even before volunteering. She loves to offer, to listen, to be supportive,and a shoulder to cry on in times of need. Helping others always filled her with joy. She`s moved by art, and also has grown interest in the field of ad-graphics. Another form of art, which is close to her heart is the music, she loves all kinds of music. When she’s free, she mostly reads.

Ildikó Szabó – Erőd co-worker

She graduated in English-French. She loves the new challenges in life, because by these she gets to know herself better.The real recharge for her is when she is with the children. She thinks that they are the most honest people and that also we can learn a lot from them, for instance: boundless love. She adores to travel with her husband, on their motorcycle. The most important values for her are love and honesty.

Nóra Máthé – ERŐD co-worker

She studied history, and her childhood dream was to be a teacher. She believes in human kindness and her goal is to teach the youngest generation to be kind. She has a lot of friends and her number one hobby is spending time with them. She likes reading. Fun fact: she is a Potterhead.

Emőke Tankó-Molnár – Charity Coordinator

Graduated in psychology, theology, and counseling. She considers her labor of love the protection of children, and the preservation of mental and psychological health of children. She loves to organize events, plan, volunteer, hike (to highlands) and draw. She believes in honesty, words of recognition, assistance, quality time and precision.

Brigitta Balázs – Communication and PR referent, Trainer

Communication specialist, with additional experience in social voluntary work. Most important thing to her is family. She becomes the best version of herself, when organising charity events. She is interested in digital arts and crafts, and thinks of herself as a creative thinker. She is a huge fan of nonformal learning methods, and believes that everything can be taught via games, and fun activities. Girl scout for over 2 decades.

Armand Albișoru – Consultant, social referent

He got his degree in the domain of psychology and currently he is continuing his postgraduate studies also in the world of psychology. He loves arts, to create, to bring color to the canvas and to people’s lives, he loves to try and challenge himself into new activities. He gained a lot of experience while participating in volunteer work. Acceptance, patience, caring, paying attention, joyful moments and laughter are very important to him.

Éva Benedek – ERŐD co-worker

Providing assistance has always been a part of her life. Beeing able to give has an energizing effect on her. She is member of a community that provides urgent psychological aid services, where beeing a good listener is a great virtue. She is also working in radio broadcasting. She spends her free time in silence with the purpose to develop her inner values. Being a mother of three-kids, she always have a lot to deal with.

Katalin Erdély – Website administrator

She earned her degree in Computer economics, in Csíkszereda. Helping others was always a top priority for her. She believes that every person has a purpose in life, and finds it important to search for that purpose. In her free time she likes to go on walks in forests and mountains. She likes surprises, and new, fresh things. The most important values for her are honesty and sturdiness.