Tankó kids

Needed: 2500 RON
2500 RON
Donation closed!

On September 4th, 2019 we announced a fundraising project to help out the Tankó children. The goal to achieve was 2500 RON, which we succeeded to hit in one and a half day, thanks to all of you!

We were able to buy 785,90 RON`s worth of school supplies, 526,15 RONs worth of food, which we gave to the family yesterday. The rest of the money (1193,5 RON) were spent on 5 brand new winter jackets, 5 pairs of winter boots and 5 pairs of shoes, which will be passed on to the family soon.

Their mom was estatic, and the children’s happiness was indescribable. Lots of people heard about our fundraising and contacted the family to help with additional donations, which they were really thankful for. The fundraising was over, and with collaboration we were able to help a family in need. The family cannot accept any more donations, but would like to thank everyone who helped in their time of need.


Let’s join forces and help the Tankó children!

A few weeks ago, the life of the family changed drastically due to an unfortunate event: The five children were left fatherless, Without the help of the breadwinner the situation of the family got way worse. The school supplies and the approaching winter is the children’s and the currently unemployed mom’s biggest concern.

6 years old Nimród is currently in kindergarten, 7 years old Henrietta, 10 years old Kinga, 12 years old Szende and 14 years old Lénárd are all in school. Their teachers said that all of them are clever, talented and diligent students.

We started the fundraising in hopes of helping out with the expenses of school supplies and winter clothing. So the children can start their school year and the winter with the needed supplies. With the help of the winter clothing they can get to the school easily, even though it is quite far from their home.

If you would like to help the Tankó family out, you can do so by clicking the button below.

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