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7943 RON
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We met Szilárdka and his story years ago. After our last consultation, Szilárdka`s doctor contacted us, to tell us about the huge improvements, and the importance of continuing our fundraising.

Our new fundraising is initiated in order to cover all expenses for Szilárdka, including travel, surgery, check-up and accomodation. His treatment will take up a long time, but with this treatment Szilárdka gets two huge steps closer to be able to live a full and happy life.

The 8 year old boy has already 5 surgeries. He was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate, and after a few years of at-home treatment, with the help of our supporters and the Foundation we reached out to doctors of a hungarian clinic. Their expertise achieved amazing improvements in the correction of the boy’s irregularity.
Last time, in October of 2019 the family stayed in Hungary for a treatment, including a special set of braces. Following that, in November, the family paid for another consultation. The doctor offered to perform the surgery for the lowest price possible, and we would appreciate your help in reaching that goal.

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