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5742 RON
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We’ve joined the council and school of Csíkmadaras, to help them in their mission providing food and shelter to 6 kids in need. Our goal is to reach 5000 RON, which the family can spend on 3 month worth of food.

The retired, disabled father has been raising his children alone since 2018, in a poor household. Right now, him and 7 of his children, including 6 young kids, and one over the age of 18 are living in a temporary home. His 8th child is a mother herself, raising her newborn baby.

The family was already in a rough place, and without the help of a mother, their situation has gotten worse over the last couple of years. Their last home was in a no living condition, it was a physical threat for the children, so they had to move out. The local guardianship committee, and the professionals from the county child protection have decided that it would be for the children’s best interest to not be separated from their family, since, despite the tough living conditions, they are a loving and tenacious family. The school of Csíkmadaras offered their afterschool facility as a shelter for the family, where the living conditions are provided, aswell as hot lunch on a daily basis, which before  was covered by the childrens’ social scholarship. The council of Csíkmadaras arranged a fundraising to renovate the house to be safe, and perfect for the family.

Our goal is to raise 5000 RON, which would provide 3 months worth of food for the family.

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Fundația „Juventus” Alapítvány

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