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6050 RON
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“Our daughter, Gyopárka, was born on the 23rd of August, 2013 in Târgu Mureș with congenital Duodenal atresia. She was only three months old when hydrocephalus was developed at her. She didn’t even turned nine months when she had a surgery, followed by several treatments, but her condition hadn’t improved. The raised pressure in her skull affected her eyesight and damaged the central nervous system. As here, in Romania, progress hasn’t been made at all, we decided to consult a doctor in Debrecen, Hungary: she was immediately operated there, and she also underwent a shunt implantation, which regulates the drainage of the fluid. Later on we had some arising problems with the shunt, therefore she had another surgery after one month. In the meantime cysts and abscesses were formed which made her to stay in spital for a long period of time and she needed treatment and several infusions.

At present, Gyopárka is 5 and half years old and she already had six surgeries. Unfortunately she cannot walk or stay independently. She barely can speak and her eyesight is poor. She meets experts four times a week, as she is going on Vojta therapy, massages, and other activities helping her improvement. She goes to a kindergarten for children with special needs. We travel regularly to the Pediatric Clinic at Debrecen for medical examinations, and to the Step by Step Therapy Center at Budapest, where she undergoes TheraSuit and handtherapy, as well as sensorimotor improvement. These opportunities are not available in this country. The expenses needed for improvements and treatment are becoming financially burdensome for us.”

Gyopárka, who is living in Csíkdánfalva, was already helped by several people, her story may be familiar for lots of us. Our foundation aims to collect 6000 RON online, which amount would help Gyopárka to go to an improving camp for children with special needs, and it would also cover the costs of the TheraSuit therapy for two months. In this way we could take some of the burden off the parents.

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