Needed: 3500 RON
3500 RON
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Barbara is three years and nine months old, and she needs our help again!

“Our daughter Barbara was born in 2015 with severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. She was one year and three months old when she underwent surgery in which she received a cochlear implant in her left ear. This implant helps Barbara hear: without it and its sound processor she wouldn’t be able to perceive any of the sounds of the world. She also has been receiving speech therapy and her speaking is improving well, but unfortunately, she is not able to use her sound processor without interruptions. When its battery is charging or when she bathes, or if the device gets knocked off during playtime, she becomes completely deaf to the world again. This could be remedied by some accessories and devices already available on the market so that the sound processor could be attached more securely or be waterproofed, but these accessories are too expensive for our family to be able to afford in our current financial situation. We would like our daughter to be able to live a complete life, for her to be able to hear the water splash in the bath, to not be worried about her implant during playtime, and to be able to continue to develop her speech.”

Barbara’s parents are asking for our help in collecting the money necessary to buy these accessories and devices needed for her uninterrupted hearing, which amounts to approximately 3500 RON.

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