Needed: 5901 RON
5901 RON
Donation closed!

As a result of our support, due to the community helping Anna, to plenty donors and to hundreds of shares, in only 4 days, we succeeded in collecting the necessary amount of money for her. What’s more, we earned more than the initial goal was, since 4500 RON were sent online, and 1401 RON were transferred to our bank account in addition. So, this charity event meant a total sum of 5901 RON for Anna.


Anna was born on 1st of September, 2016. She was only six weeks old when it was realized that she eats less, she feels tired, cries more than normal children in her age. She turned three months old when her family visited a cardiologist.  After the first medical examination, it revealed that Anna has heart problems and she needs surgery. In January 2017 approached the date of surgery and Anna was in the hospital when she got pneumonia. Her condition was so serious that she has been in the intensive care unit for a week and a half in anesthesia, in order to stabilize her condition and the surgery could be performed. After long physiotherapy and medication treatments, she recovered, but this period was followed by a new surgery which was done in Szeged, Hungary in September 2018.  During surgery, subvalvular aortic stenosis was reduced (unfortunately they could not completely eliminate it) and mitral valves were replaced with mechanicals. This means that she has been living with artificial mitral valves and blood thinners. Due to various blood tests and controls, Anna’s veins became very weak. Since they are home now, they have to check the parameters of blood clotting every week which means these procedures also weaken her veins. Unfortunately, hospitals in our country do not have devices that can detect results from a finger-pricked blood sample.

Therefore, we would like to help in buying an INR meter for Anna to facilitate blood sampling at home.  The most important at this point is to obtain this device and make Anna’s blood tests and controls easier, and do not have to go to labs and hospital every week. The current financial situation of the family does not allow the INR meter to be purchased by them on their own.

Anna’s parents asked for our help in purchasing the INR meter for her which costs approximately 4500 lei with the associated needles and tests.

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