Have you ever been bullied at school? If not, you are lucky! We are aiming to ensure that all the asked children can say the same about themselves. Please support our activities today to make this happen!

DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR CHARITABLE DONATION IS ALSO POSSIBLE FOR TWO YEARS? According to the legislative amendment in 2020, you can decide to support us for up to two years. You just have to mark your decision in the form (please see our explanation below), so it is only necessary to fill in the form every two years.

Why you should redirect 3.5% of your income tax to the Juventutti Foundation?

  • You contribute to the success of our children’s health support and school prevention programmes.
  • You are doing something good.
  • It doesn’t cost you extra.
  • You do not reduce your income.
  • You contribute to the efficient use of taxes paid to the state treasury.

According to the law, every citizen with an income has the opportunity to redirect a portion of their income tax to an organization to support its activities. If you want to support us, you can redirect your donation as it follows:

Fill in the form 230 according to the following steps. You can download the form filled in with our foundation’s data by clicking HERE.

First step: Print out the form and fill out the section I with your personal information.

Second step: Leave section II.1 blank. In section II.2, you can decide whether you want to redirect a portion of your income tax for two years and check the appropriate box. This section contains details about our foundation and the amount that will be donated. If the amount is unknown, leave the corresponding space blank, this will be filled in by the Tax Office.

Third step: Sign at the bottom of the page (Semnătură contribuabil). Send the form by registered post or bring it in person to the Tax Office (ANAF) of your place of residence, or to our foundation (Miercurea Ciuc, str. Kőrösi Csoma Sándor nr. 2.)

If you want to fill in your details online, click on THIS LINK. After all, all you have to do is to print, sign and submit the completed form.

If you need help? Please contact our office!

Remember! The deadline for submission is: 25 of May, 2021

Thank you for your trust!

Donate 20% of your income tax to support our foundation: you can decide whether you are paying part of your taxes to the state or you donate it to ill, deprived children, in accordance with the rules laid down by the law!

Pursuant to the process provided for in Law 32/1994, if your company is profitable and you pay the income tax, you have the opportunity to redirect 20% of your income tax or 0,75% of the turnover of your company towards a non-profit organization. This does not mean any additional costs for you, but it can be very helpful for an organization.

The main aim of the Juventutti Foundation is to support ill and disadvantaged children. More information on the goals of the foundation can be found in THIS section.
The whole process is summarized below in three steps:

First step
Decide which non-profit organization would you give your company`s support to.

Second step
Consult your accountant about your intention to support, specify the amount equal to 20% of the income tax which is going to be donated (or the sum corresponding to 0,75% of the turnover).

Third step

Prepare a sponsorship agreement between the company and supported organization. You can download the agreement from HERE. The agreement must include the sum of money and the date of the donation fulfillment This is an important step, as the sponsorship fee becomes eligible based only on the agreement and payment slip.

To sum up: You can assist in a goal, which is important to you as well, so that in the meantime the additional costs of your company will be 0 RON, and by that you will contribute to solve social problems.

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    Thank you for your trust and support!

    You may contribute to our foundation`s succesful work by offering material support to our activities.

    Support our foundation by online donations directly from your credit card! It takes a few clicks, 1-2 minutes and you may do it from your home.

    For online donations please click here.

    If you want to check our actual donation lines and help an ill child, please click here.

    Using your card for donations it easy for our foundation to access and receive the offered amount so in critical cases we would be able to ensure a quick help for ill children or children in need.

    Some useful information about our donation platform:

    The online donation is powered by the EuPlătesc.ro system.  Additional costs are payed by our foundation, your whole amount of donation will arrive to the chosen child or we will use it for similar goals and objectives.

    The online donation trough our website makes part of the one-off category, so your offered amount can be transferred only once to our foundation.

    We take full responsibility for your data protection, we use your datas properly to the legal prescriptions. Your data is saved only for further communication during our campaign, we won`t make it public to any forums or third parties.

    The EuPlătesc.ro site assures the person`s data protection and your transactions` safety is proved and followed by it.

    Our foundation also follows your transactions in order to help you remediate all the possible mistransactions or problems, so you may contact us anytime.

    Thank you for your trust and support!

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