Zsoltika had been sent to the hospital with gastritis, but it turned out he had heart malfunctions, epilepsy and a weakened immune system as well. [...]


“Vivien was born in 2013. She`s been struggling with kidney problems and nephrotic syndrome since she was a baby. Since the diagnosis, she`s been in [...]

Ambrus kids

We've joined the council and school of Csíkmadaras, to help them in their mission providing food and shelter to 6 kids in need. Our goal [...]


We met Szilárdka and his story years ago. After our last consultation, Szilárdka`s doctor contacted us, to tell us about the huge improvements, and the [...]

Tankó kids

On September 4th, 2019 we announced a fundraising project to help out the Tankó children. The goal to achieve was 2500 RON, which we succeeded [...]

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